Using Interactive Content Insights to Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

We thrive on insights. Whether we’re looking for a restaurant off the beaten path, researching a product we’d like to purchase, or mapping out travel plans to a faraway destination—insights are the fuel we need to move our decision-making forward.

In a sales setting, insights fuel conversations. Looking for a product that does x, y, and z? Seeking a vacation that’s affordable and accommodates your schedule? When a salesperson has access to this information upfront, conversations become more productive, and ultimately, more successful for everyone involved.

But how can we surface these insights right off the bat? How can our salespeople be informed before ever picking up the phone?

As we discussed in last month’s webinar on Creating Better Leads, interactive content has the capability to accelerate your sales cycle through the rich insights it provides. In the example we covered, the interactive calculator, we suggested sharing all of the calculator’s inputs with your sales team, so that they may pick up the conversation from the exact point where the buyer left off.

According to a 2017 Demand Gen report, 77% of B2B buyers have already made their purchase decision before ever speaking to a salesperson by self-educating through content. This statistic further cements the role of interactivity in the sales cycle—with so many consumers doing their homework and filtering through options so early in the game, engaging the buyer becomes more critical than ever before.

Tips for Using Interactive Content to Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

So, how can interactive content be used to empower your sales team and accelerate the sales cycle? Everything comes back to insights.

Find three tips for creating better sales with interactive content.

1. Share Insights with Your Sales Team

Whether you’ve created an interactive calculator or an assessment for prospects to engage with, the data surfaced from an interactive experience is all valuable information that your sales team can leverage. Experiences created with ion can track exact engagement points, which allows your sales team to learn more about the buyer’s pain points or challenges. They can zero in on specific points in a follow-up call, eliminating the need to ask questions the prospect has already provided answers to.

2. Create Pieces that Ask the Right Questions

An assessment is a great piece to use if you’re looking to provide your sales team with targeted conversation starters. Take, for example, an assessment ScribbleLive created on Content Maturity. The user engages with the assessment, giving key insights into their past experiences with content marketing and goals for the future. Ask the right questions and you’ll receive answers that help you to personalize your sales conversations.

3. Engage Early On

Our latest report with Demand Metric found that 78% believe engaging the user earlier in the journey is important. With interactive content, we know that different pieces are suited best to different stages of the funnel. Keep in mind that the earlier you’re engaging the buyer, the better. Use the insights you’ve gained to provide follow-up content based on a prospect’s goals or needs, and use different types of interactive pieces to support the stage of the journey they’re in.

Start Creating Better Sales

We all want to create better sales. With interactive content, we can accelerate the sales cycle with insights that convert. Come back and join us for this month’s webinar (registration to come!) on the subject, and get caught up on the Better series to learn how interactive content supports each stage of the funnel.