Intelligent Content Conference and ion: Another Successful Year

After flying from sunny South Florida, our team of ionians arrived in Las Vegas ready to talk interactive content. The occasion? Intelligent Content Conference (ICC), hosted by our friends at Content Marketing Institute.

A premier content strategy event developed specifically for marketing practitioners, ICC focused on teaching marketers about delivering more intelligent content that reaches the right audience at the right time—effectively supporting your efforts in brand recognition and awareness.

Our ion-awesome shirts were a hit in the expo hall, and served as a great icebreaker for the many interactive content conversations that took place at our booth, #7, which included discussions on:

As a sponsor of the event, ion hosted the opening night welcome reception—a fantastic kickoff to three days of meaningful dialogue at our booth along with breakout sessions and impactful keynotes.

Marketing Coordinator Clément Hernandez ensured that everything at the ion booth ran smoothly, overseeing conference operations from initial registration to booth tear-down.

Clément talking interactive content. 

Clément talking interactive content. 

Key Takeaways from ICC

Account Executive Benjamin Pitman, who attended his first conference as an ion representative, said the experience taught him that content remains king, stating that, “If you’re not currently spending time researching ways to get more ROI out of your content strategy, you’re already behind.”

CMI snapped Benjamin manning the booth.

CMI snapped Benjamin manning the booth.

Benjamin’s statement echoes the conversations started at ICC, which featured sessions from leading marketing practitioners at Amazon, Google, and Salesforce, among others. Keynote speaker was Andrew Gordon of Pixar, who spoke on the importance of storytelling.

The ion team also included Donald Adetoye, Sr. Account Development Manager, who said, “ICC remains one of the prime content marketing events of the year, bringing together some of content’s biggest thought leaders under one roof. This is the event for those serious about getting more out of their efforts.”

The ICC ion team!

The ICC ion team!

Choosing Interactive Content

One strategy for getting the most out of your content marketing efforts? Adopting the use of interactive content. Our ion team was thrilled to share the benefits of interactive content with the crowds at ICC, in addition to gaining content marketing knowledge and trend insights from industry leaders at the event.

We always enjoy Content Marketing Institute's conferences, and this year’s ICC was no exception. We’ll be joining CMI again this fall for Content Marketing World—which united over 3,500 content marketers last year.

Have the chance to meet us at ICC? Interested in learning more about how interactive content could work for you? Let us know @ioninteractive.