A Content Strategist’s Guide to Getting Personal in 2018

In 2017, most of us are using responsive design, but how can we make sure our copy is just as responsive as our web experiences? In our webinar, Stephanie Mansueto, ion’s Senior Content Strategist, explained how to design personalized interactive experiences with user pain points in mind.

2017 Interactive Design Trends

We all know what responsive design is. Over the years we have seen an increased focus on responsive design, and we all agree that responsive design is great. None of us want to land on a website on mobile and have to move our phone around to actually read the content on the page.

Responsive design is also super common now. As web users, we all expect pretty much any site we end up on to be responsive. But the copy usually doesn’t change from desktop to mobile. When responsive design was first coming out onto the market, I read this really great article on A List Apart, and it’s stuck with me over the years. The title was “Responsive Design Won’t Fix Your Content Problem,” and I have not forgotten that article or that line.

The article was written five years ago, and we still have marketers and designers that have not gotten that memo. We need to create copy and content for the device, rather than creating responsive sites that send users to the exact same experience, just better optimized in view.

If we truly want to create a responsive experience, the content needs to be altered at the copy level as well. That twenty question assessment that’s great on a desktop needs to be slimmed down for a mobile user. Maybe the mobile experience could give users the option to email themselves the assessment to complete at a later date, or maybe it could ask them five questions and give teaser results that invite them to take a longer assessment on a computer desktop. We should really be respectful of the fact that long form content is not really a good user experience on a mobile device .

Now we move on to predictions.

So, I really think that in 2018 we’re going to start to see an increased focus on creating those personalized experiences that really speak to user pain points rather than being needlessly flashy or radically different than those of our competitors.

Prediction: In 2018, we will see an increased focus on creating personalized experiences that solve user pain points rather than being flashing or radically different from our competitors.

We really need to focus on taking what the user wants and putting it in the experience instead of trying to impress them with a really modern, flashy design that doesn’t suit their device. I really think that our designs in 2018 are going to be more simplified, more intuitive, and more focused on solving users’ problems as opposed to showing off our great design skills in experiences that don’t take the user into consideration.  

That wraps up our Senior Content Specialist view on Design Trends. Stay tuned for our audience Q & A or catch up with Marketing and Sales.

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