How can Interactive Content Support the Sales Team

As we move into the month of August, we have on our eyes on a new theme - interactive content for sales enablement, specifically, how marketing can use it to surface stronger leads and increased conversions to sales. During the next few weeks, we will be sharing content that shows how marketing and sales can work together to create valuable content that engages users and encourages conversions.

Before the digital age of content, marketers rarely had any control over the flow of information sent to the customer. Quick advertisements could set a tone for the conversation that would happen between the customer and sales but it ended there. Content marketing has changed all of that. Now, marketers are and customers are equally in charge of what content is available to educate the user prior to reaching a sales agent. But, this also means that marketing now places an equal role to sales in acquiring new customers and closing deals.

Interactive Content Created by Marketing that Solves Sales Problems

In order to create content that is valuable to both the customer and the sales team, marketers and sales should have an open communication about prospects needs, pain points, and buyer journey when each piece of content is created.

Questions Marketers Should Answer Before Launching Content for Sales Enablement:

  • What common questions does the sales team here and how can we answer it prior to the call?
  • How educated should a prospect be before they reach the sales team?
  • At what point during the buyer journey, should we start pushing prospects toward the sales team?
  • Who are the prospects that actually reach out to sales? Have we created a persona for that customer?

These questions will help marketing create strategic content that supports the sales team's goals, support customer education, and surface valuable insights about the user to sales and marketing.

Interactive Content for Sales Enablement

We look forward to sharing tips on how interactive content can help bridge the gap between your sales and marketing teams over the next few weeks, including a webinar where we will share examples of how ion interactive accomplishes this goal.