We’ve Moved. And Here’s How That Went Down.

Turns out that moving once every few years or so is more than enough (for me, at least). But when you need more space, more parking, more conference rooms, more music, more bandwidth and more sugar cookies — it’s all worth it.

I’m super proud of our whole team here in Florida for how they worked together. They packed their personal spaces on Thursday end of day, worked from home on Friday and unpacked Monday morning to get right back to it by lunchtime. We had very little lost productivity, which is saying a lot when you’re moving a corporate headquarters. Oh, and our Cambridge, MA office moved a few weeks ago too, so they got in on the fun as well.

I hope you enjoy a sneak peek into our shiny new headquarters. Feel free to visit anytime (as long as you can handle the smell of sugar cookies in the air)!

Here's a time-lapse video of ion interactive’s recent move.

New year, new digs, room to grow! Cheers!