Transform Your Lifeless Landing Page with Interactive Content

Landing pages can be less than exciting. There might be some imagery, some copy, and that dreaded form to fill out. And with this, many marketers still assume that their audience should put trust in whatever is on the other side of that form, crossing our fingers that the information they just gave away is worth the content that is provided to them.

However, unfortunately, more and more landing pages just haven’t been living up to the hype of the content given. And with the instant gratification given to our audience online now, many people just aren’t converting on landing pages as much as they used to. They expect excitement, interaction, and value before they give up their private information.

So how can you add value to your landing pages, not only to the user but also to you as a marketer yourself? This week, ion’s Director of Customer Engagement gives you a few ideas on how to revive your tired landing pages with the use of interactive elements. Watch the video below!

[Transcript below]


Landing pages are traditionally very simple pages that include a little bit of copy and a form. What value does interactive content add to these experiences and not just from a marketer's perspective, but also from a user?

Audrey Ross:

So, I think in the last, probably, three to four years, the idea of what a traditional landing page is has really evolved. It used to be header image, some copies, bullet points, a form, that's really progressed quite a bit. I think a lot of the more moderate landing page treatment that we're seeing today is longer, sort of, more scroll-able pages that have different sections of content broken out, and of course the form is there and ever present. I mean, the primary purpose of a landing page is to get someone to convert. 

But the idea of what is a traditional landing page, it's definitely grown up a bit. I would actually say that the same things that are valuable and meaningful to a landing page in terms of using interactive content there, are the same reasons why it's valuable to use it in a more sort of traditional interactive content piece. Something like an interactive ebook or a quiz, like what we sort of traditionally think of interactive content. They're both really interactive content, so when you bring elements of interactivity into a landing page, it gives you the same benefit that you see from your interactive content, meaning a reduced bounce rate. You're going to have more clickable elements that are bringing someone in and allowing them to sort of self explore and self discover what it is that you're trying to say in that landing page. You're able to really reduce that bounce rate, capture their interests, because those things that they're clicking on and looking to, you know, maybe you have accordian content that allows them to sort of expand and read more about a particular topic, you're getting that engagement data. You're seeing what it is that they're clicking on, so that just informs more effective marketing in the future when they do go on to convert within that landing experience, because all of those actions can be pushed into your marketing automation platform the same way that that lead data is. 

So, I would say that there's definitely a lot of value in bringing interactivity into landing pages and a lot of people are already doing that and I think it's really creating this sort of exciting time where you're seeing sort of little interactive components inside of traditional landing pages and it's helping both the marketer and the user because the marketer's getting that data and that conversion and the user's just getting a more helpful, more interesting experience along the way too.