Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: January 2-6

Welcome to the first interactive content marketing roundup of 2016!

It’s been an amazing year for content marketing, interactive content, and marketing in general. On our side of the fence, we launched an immense number of templates to helps marketers scale and launch interactive content. The ion team has also created the much-loved series, “Ask Audrey”, where ion’s Director of Customer Success, Audrey Ross answers some of the most common interactive content questions. To top things off, ion interactive saw one of the best years ever, as brands like FedEx, Key Equipment Finance, BASF, and many more jump into interactive content marketing.

Here’s the roundup of top articles this week in interactive content marketing. Cheers to an amazing 2017!

2016’s Best of the Best in Interactive Content Templates

Join us as we take a look at the types of experiences that marketer find useful for their marketing plan. Can you guess the #1 type of interactive content?

What Comes First — The Content or the Design?

ion’s Content Strategist, Stephanie Mansueto, answers the burning question for many marketers and creative professionals. Which do I create first the design or the content? The answer will surprise you!

2016's Best Innovations in Interactive Content

ion interactive co-founder Anna Talerico, dives into what's trending and worth doing in 2017. As marketers drive for more attention we have to get innovative. Here's what worked in 2016!


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