Interactive Content Marketing Weekly Roundup: July 25 – July 29

If you’re reading this post it means you’re a super smart marketer and that you’ve almost made it to the weekend. You rock and welcome to Friday! 

Here’s your weekly roundup of news and trends on interactive content marketing. 

Here’s Why I Took Your Quiz

Anna Talerico examines the elements that make quizzes so effective and answers the question: “why are we so engaged with quizzes?” 


Here’s why no one finishes your online quiz

Yes, quizzes are amazing at engaging your audience but it’s not always fun and games. We discuss why your quiz might not be hitting home. Read on to understand how to properly quizify your content! 


7 Killer Content Types to Educate Your Audience

Education is a top goal for content marketers. Understanding the types of content that work best is like figuring out which teaching method works best for a student. It’s imperative. Check out the short list of content types and how they can increase audience education for your next campaign. 


Get Personal to Amp Up Your Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing helps you reach and engage with your specific target audience accounts. But what’s the key here? Is it breaking down our audience into accounts or is it more? Anna, dives into ABM and how it ties back to being personalized with your content approach.  



Do you feel like you content goes unnoticed or underappreciated? Read on to understand why your audience might over look your content and how you can be more effective.

P.S. – There’s a lot of action with quizzes and assessments this week! Have you seen the recent data on why they’re so effective? Check it out here. 


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