Interactive Content Marketing Weekly Roundup: July 18-22

Did you miss what went on this week in interactive content? Don’t worry! Your friends at ion interactive have you covered with our weekly recaps every Friday.


7 Examples of Brilliant Interactive Assessments

Content Marketing Institute reports that assessments are the most-used type of interactive content. Why? Because they provide such valuable recommendations and insights to prospects, sales, and marketing. It’s a win-win! Check out this post for inspiration to create your next assessment.


Ask Audrey: Can you launch interactive content experiences if you don’t have any content to start from?

ion’s Director of Customer Success, Audrey Ross, is an interactive content master. And she’s answering your questions in our new “Ask Audrey” video series. Tune into the video for her take on your marketing. 


Pokemon Go — Content Marketing Lessons For All Of Us

Pokèmon GO, need I say more…. ion’s own Stephanie Mansueto got to experience the craze first hand with her children. She learned a lot, walked a lot, and has some great takeaways for today’s content marketers.


ionians Choose Their Favorite Type of Interactive Content

ion’s co-founder and CTO, Scott Brinker, along with our Boston team share their favorite types of interactive content. Check out the short video for their top picks!


Account-Based And Content Marketing Programs Are Not Campaigns

Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group, shares his take on Account-Based Marketing. Michael has a few great suggestions to make ABM succeed long-term at your company. 


Interactive Content So Easy… Our Interns Could Do It!

Summer brings a lot of great changes like the warm weather, road trips, beach time, and interns! ionian interns Ivanna and Rachel show us just how easy it is to jump in and create interactive content. Watch the time-lapse video to see them in action!


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