Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: November 14–18

Last week was wicked hectic. This week we’re starting to sense the holidays! Everyone’s hunkered down wrapping up projects as we get ready for Thanksgiving. We’ll all get a minute to enjoy time with our friends and family before we kick things off for 2017. 

Here’s your weekly catch up before the holiday madness starts!

Hungry for interactive content experiences?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and along with turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberries. You’ll probably be eating a lot of pie! To help whet your appetite and share a few fun stats, we created the Guess Which Pie quiz. Check it out and share your score!   

Ask Audrey: How has Content Marketing Evolved?

Our Director of Customer Success, Audrey Ross has been in content marketing for over seven years. So you can definitely say she’s seen it all! Seven years in the marketing industry is comparable to a lifetime’s worth in other industries, as marketing tactics are ever evolving. So for Audrey, who has gone from print to digital and static to interactive, we wanted to know her take on the evolution of content marketing.

FedEx uses interactive experiences to make shipping easy and increase revenue 82%.

ion interactive customer Fedex needed help updating their Small Business Center with modern tools to help their audience. They enlisted the help of ion interactive and interactive content for amazing success. Read the case study to find out they had such great success.  


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