iContact Launches Cool Interactive Calculator

As an interactive content platform, there are a wide variety of content experiences that our customers launch, each pretty unique. One of the most popular types of interactive content is the calculator. With our platform, different types of calculators can be created and deployed without code. Yep. Without. Code.

For many marketers, calculators are an important way to provide Youtility for their audience, and they are strategically important as brands move toward radical transparency. Calculators are just plain helpful, and visitors love helpful content.

We love the calculator our customer iContact launched to show their visitors potential cost savings for email marketing.

This is a great example of giving your visitors information, while gleaning insights for your marketing team (like aggregate data on what inputs visitors are using for the calculator, or even individual data for your sales team).

Do you have an example of a calculator you really love? Tell us about it! And if you want to see another example of a calculator deployed in ion without code, check out our very own ion pricing calculator.