Customer Spotlight: OptionsHouse

OptionsHouse - Then and Now

As you may know, we recently released a new version of our platform that includes a whole slew of new tools and features. We can go on and on about how great the new version is, but instead, we thought we'd ask our customers to share their experiences as they dig in to the new platform. 


We spoke to Dave Borra from OptionsHouse and were truly amazed by what he has already done in just two short days of playing around in the new platform. Now, as you can imagine, we have different types of customers and their preferences vary. Dave is the kind of customer who likes to build from scratch to execute the exact vision in his head. We asked him for a quick summary of his thoughts on the new open grid layout and how he was working in the previous version compared to what he's doing in the new one. Here's what he told us!

General Framework

Then: He hardcoded and designed his own templates so he could build the page the way he wanted from beginning to end. 

Now: He starts with a blank canvas and creates what he wants from the start BUT still has all features and functionality of all the great ion tools he's used to working with.

Best Part: Building in the new base layout removes the "work before the work" Dave would previously have to do. He can get the exact look and feel he wants and picked it up quickly without having to compromise his vision in any way.


Then: As a designer, he understand the ease and value of building within a framework with certain parameters. He had a wealth of tools to help him accomplish the job.

Now: With the expanded and enhanced feature sets, the flexibility is through the roof. It adds tremendous speed and agility to the process. Some of the very things he previously avoided building because of the time needed, he has already built in a matter of days! There are endless possibilities.

Best Part: He loves having a clean slate and being able to design every last detail of what he wants.

Standout Features

Then: The platform is flexible enough so anyone can go in and make edits to a page without any required development skills. This is great for teams that don't have access to tech resources. The update creative wide feature is a great time saver. He also liked the ability to do A/B and multivariate testing. Plus, the ability to manage and create reports is great.

Now: Responsiveness, different view ports, drag and drop, microthemes. 

Best Part: All of the new features are exactly what he wanted access to when building digital experiences. Almost everything he could think of in terms of fulfilling his design needs are already in this release. 

What does he want to see next?

In a few words, more advanced and flexible form creation.

At ion, we are ALWAYS striving to deliver on features and functionality that we know our customers are looking for (and some they may not even be thinking about yet). So stay tuned Dave... it may not be as far off as you think.

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