Welcome to Conversion Conference San Francisco!

The ion team woke up to a beautiful morning in San Francisco for the fifth annual Conversion Conference. These next two days are about turning more clicks into customers! Started in 2010 in San Jose, Tim Ash, CEO of SiteTuners, has been chair of the conference and has always made sure to start off on a good note. This year was no different. 

Tim welcomed everyone at 9am with his Conversion Maturity Model. He offered four levels of conversion maturity: unoptimized, basic, intermediate, and advanced. Tim assured us that no one in the room was in the advanced level. His reason? Because there are always improvements. The hardest point of conversion maturity is the cooperation between marketing, IT, and branding, according to Tim. The keys to success to achieve the advanced level of conversion maturity are dedication, honesty, focus, and flexibility.

For these two days, speakers will be giving Conversion Conference attendees the best ways to drive leads and increase sales. From sessions about multivariate testing to user experience optimization to even psychological triggers, Conversion Conference has packed quite the punch in giving reasons to improve your digital experience.

Our very own Mary D'Alatri-Ward had the opportunity to speak to the conversion crowd about how landing pages just aren't enough anymore. We're no longer impressed with dynamic content, segmentation, and optimized forms to name a few. Mary taught attendees that it's time to turn interaction into business action with marketing apps. The conversion crowd loved the idea and ran with it. Not only are marketing apps the future of digital experiences, but companies have been using marketing apps already without even realizing it. It's your turn now!

As for day one, other session speakers focused on the trends for this year: mobility, responsiveness, and user experiences, all while sprinkling in the every day necessity of testing. Below are some takeaway points from Day 1 of Conversion Conference SF:

  • Practice Areas: redesigning websites for high conversion, landing page test plans and strategy, internal optimization team training.
  • What gets measured, gets done. 
  • Keys to success: dedication, honesty, focus, flexibility.
  • Content marketing is the art of providing relevant, valuable content to your customers without selling or interrupting them.
  • This is the time to forget about your branding. Now, relationships are created with information, not people.
  • Common Pitfalls: one size fits all template, “best practice” design, stopping at the landing page, set it and forget it, and doing nothing.
  • The real difference between LPO 1.0 and LPO 2.0: Data-informed. NOT data-driven.
  • User experience is sweet spot in middle between art, user goals, business goals, and science.
  • Three things happen when you make a software paradigm transition: users reconsider commitments, rules of good product design change, and leaders usually underestimate the challenge.
  • The mobile and responsive traps: legacy, fear, confusion, and boredom.
  • Four pillars to Amazon success: customer centricity, continuous optimization, culture of innovation, corporate agility.

We’ll be back with the day 2 round up of memorable topics and points to not forget. If you’re not at Conversion Conference, make sure to check in with us for the quick overview of what’s going on on the west coast. See you all tomorrow!