9 Engaging Marketing App Ideas [Infographic]

You've made your landing page responsive. You've added Youtility to your digital experience. Now make your content work for you.

Over the past week, we've given you MINI's best use of configurators and voting, examples of some of the most creative and robust uses of all types of marketing apps, and how you could take those examples and use them to improve your brand's digital experience. We've talked about how Youtility can give your brand the advantage above the others. Now it's time for you to take matters into your own hands.

Below is our Marketing Apps infographic to give you an in depth look into our ideas for your use of marketing apps. Take a look and see which one can really fit your brand and what you are trying to convey. But remember... add Youtility with it. If using a quiz, give them information that is personalized to their score. If using a conversion path, adapt each path's content to the informational choice they made.

It's time to make it about the consumer. It's not enough anymore to just give information. It's not enough to just have a short conversion form on your landing page. Consumers want interaction. Consumers want fun, fast edutainment. Instead of just saying or showing something, it's time to make your digital experience do something for the consumer!

Take a look at our Marketing Apps infographic, along with this week's posts, for fun ideas on how to make your digital experience more engaging!



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