Webinar: Marketing Apps 101

Have you been listening to all the buzz going around about marketing apps and how app-like experiences  provide highly interactive and useful experiences for your customers? Or are you still confused as to what a exactly a marketing app is? 

Have no fear, ion is here!

Everything you want and need to know — from calculators and configurators to wizards and games — Anna Talerico and Jessica Collier will be discussing in this highly inspirational Marketing Apps 101 webinar.  

Learn how to:

  • Engage your visitors with unique app-like experiences

  • Bring the richness & expectations of mobile apps to web experiences

  • Collect highly valuable segmentation & sales enablement data

  • Use wizards, conversion paths, configurators and other app-like digital experiences to drive engagement, leads & sales

  • Plus, lots of real-world examples!

Join us Wednesday, January 29, 2014, at 1:00pm EST for this informative and free webinar that will help take your digital marketing to the next level!

Get inspired. Provide more value. And reap conversion as a result. 

Register today for the Marketing Apps 101 webinar!