20 Tips to Kick your Digital Experience into High Gear!

CRO! LPO! VBO! You mean I have to stay on top of all of these just to keep up with the Jones’s of online marketing?!

Of course we do. Optimization of your digital experience is the only way to know what is working and what isn’t for your brand. So where do you even start? What rules or tips can you go by to make sure you’re taking the right path to the ultimate digital experience?

That’s exactly what I was hoping to find out this past week. Over 3,000 miles and 5 hours with JetBlue later, I was in the heart of San Francisco, with hundreds of other CRO mad(wo)men (for those in the know, CRO stands for conversion rate optimization. Boom—one acronym conquered). The 5th annual Conversion Conference was underway and we were ready for two days of nonstop conversion conversations. Some of the sales team here at ion took their knowledge to the streets, or in this case, to the aisles of the exhibition hall.  Manning our booth (and giving away tons of swag), Shaun and Asa were pros at informing attendees of the possibilities of creating engaging, optimized digital experiences with marketing apps.

While the men were having a blast chatting up attendees, some of the women from the ion team - Mary, Stephanie, and I to be specific - were gaining all the information we could possibly absorb to take back to our team. I live by this saying - “Never stop learning. If you learn one new thing every day, you will overcome 99% of your competition.” So that’s what we went to do. Jumping from session to session, sharing notes, and even networking with other successful CRO enthusiasts, we gathered 20 best tips, practices, and examples to share with our team back in Florida.

But why keep these tips all to ourselves? We’re in the business of helping you improve your digital experience! So take a look at some of our learnings and see how you can implement them yourself:

  • Keys to success: dedication, honesty, focus, flexibility. (Sounds like a life lesson to me!)
  • Practice Areas: redesigning websites for high conversion, landing page test plans and strategy, and internal optimization team training.
  • What gets measured, gets done. 
  • Common Pitfalls: one-size fits all template, “best practice” design, stopping at the landing page, set it and forget it, and doing nothing.
  • This is the time to forget about your branding. Now, relationships are created with information, not people.
  • The real difference between LPO 2.0 and LPO 1.0: Data-informed. NOT data-driven.
  • Gaps between visits are just as important. “What are they doing when they’re not on your site?”
  • User experience is sweet spot in middle between art, user goals, business goals, and science.
  • A consumer is a brain. They can either be system 1, which is fast to make choices, emotional, and works off the subconscious. Or they can be system 2, which is slow to make choices, rational, and requires attention.
  • Let your customer think he’s free in his choices.
  • Three things happen when you make a software paradigm transition: users reconsider commitments, rules of good product design change, and leaders usually underestimate the challenge.
  • Content marketing is the art of providing relevant, valuable content to your customers without selling or interrupting them.
  • Content marketing pillars: create share worthy content, analyze relevant sites to share with, and track performance.
  • Email Marketing: Rule #1 Respect the inbox. Make every email a “gift.”
  • Content is not about quantity first and quality second. You want to produce the kind of content that engages.
  • For blogs, the object of the headline now is to get you to click.
  • The blog shouldn’t be about your product; it’s about your reader.
  • The mobile and responsive traps: legacy, fear, confusion, and boredom.
  • 99.5% of smartphone mobile web sessions do not result in a buy. However, 65% of email is now opened first on mobile.
  • Four pillars to Amazon’s success: customer centricity, continuous optimization, culture of innovation, corporate agility.

Take that quote from earlier - remember “Learn one new thing every day.” I challenge you to take one of these points each day as I am and see how your brand and digital experience can improve. We hope this helps and inspires you to create the digital experience you know your visitors are looking for!

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