10 Things to Love About Interactive Content


Valentine’s Day is upon us and you know what that means! Everything flowers, chocolate, hearts, and ion video love notes (really, check out that link and see how much we love you!). 

We’re filled with mushiness these days, so in the spirit of the holiday, we thought we’d point out 10 reasons you’ll love interactive content. Maybe so much you’ll want to marry it!

  1. Differentiation. With everyone churning out articles, blogs, webinars and white papers, interactive content gives you a chance to stand out in an overwhelming sea of clutter with something entirely different—content a visitor can interact with.

  2. Engagement. If someone downloads your PDF white paper, did they engage with it? What about if they hit your product page? Who knows...but it doesn’t sound like engagement to us. Engagement is interacting with content in a way that impacts the outcome. Stop asking your visitors to read, read, read and start giving them things they want to use. Assessments, configurators, calculators, quizzes, polls, games—now that’s engagement.

  3. Youtility. And while we are on the topic of things your visitors can use, interactive content can (and should) be inherently useful.

  4. Measurement. Measuring static content? Hard to get anything beyond pass/fail (did they download it or not? did they hit the page or not?), but with interactive content, every buyer behavior and data input can be captured and used to glean great insights—both on the individual visitor, and in aggregate as well.

  5. Responsive. Who loves to zoom in to a PDF on their little smart phone screen? Eh, not so much. With interactive content you can ensure every visitor, regardless of device, gets a great experience by using responsive design. It’s much easier to use a little product or ROI calculator in your device’s web browser than to download a spreadsheet and pinch and scroll.

  6. Transparency for sales. Remember all that measurement we mentioned in reason #4? How about surfacing that rich buyer behavior to sales? Now sales can know buyer pains, aspirations, challenges—illuminating where a buyer is in their journey. This helps sales to be far more relevant by meeting the buyer at their point of interest. And buyers tend to really appreciate that!

  7. Transparency for buyers. Interactive content that’s useful (see reason #3) sort of forces you to surface meaningful information to your buyers, which is exactly on trend with what they want. Why make your buyers call sales to get pricing, when you can allow them to configure their own solution? Buyers want to discover and explore on their own, and they certainly don’t want to engage with brands who feel opaque.

  8. Results. Did we mention that interactive content is effective as heck? Engagement, leads, sales, social shares. Stop struggling to get visitors to consume your content and give them something they want!

  9. Scalable. Instead of racking your brain to come up with some new topic du jour, re-purpose all the content you already have. A white paper becomes an assessment. A data sheet becomes a product configurator. A campaign theme becomes a quiz. A brochure becomes a lookbook. So many options. A single piece of content can scale into many!

  10. Attainable. Moment of truth. Interactive content can be complicated, especially if you rely on (read: overload) developers to custom code this stuff. But with the ion interactive content platform, it’s totally within reach. The complex becomes simple and efficient.

So, if you haven’t already, take a chance on love this Valentine’s day and see why people are so smitten with interactive content. And if you’re already in a committed relationship with it, we want to hear what YOU love about it!